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New Episode:  "Close Listening" with Melody Buyukozer Dawkins

In this episode, we speak with Melody Buyukozer Dawkins from Slover Linett Audience Research on the new qualitative report, “A Place to Be Heard, A Space to Be Held: Black Perspectives on Creativity, Trustworthiness, Welcome, and Well-Being.” The wide-ranging discussion includes background information on the creation and execution of the study as well as key takeaways for ensemble music professionals to use in their own work. 


We also listen to a selection from "Pillar III" from Andy Akiho’s Seven Pillars performed by Sandbox Percussion. 


Program Notes:

  • The article “Close Listening,” is featured in the Spring 2022 issue of Chamber Music Magazine. Read the article online.

  • The score from the featured "Pillar III" selection is featured in the Summer 2022 issue of Chamber Music Magazine. 


Produced for Chamber Music America by Nichole L. Knight and Orchid McRae. Theme music by Orchid McRae.

Melody Buyukozer Dawkins appears courtesy of the Wallace Foundation. 

Seven Pillars was created with support from CMA’s Classical Commissioning Program with generous funding from the Mellon Foundation.

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