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Chamber Music Submissions and Editorial Queries

Articles in Chamber Music Magazine are usually assigned to professional writers by the editor, but we are also open to receiving story ideas and to reviewing unsolicited manuscripts. We publish articles on all styles of ensemble music, the arts in general, and non-musical issues that relate to music professionals' lives and careers.

Submissions Contact:

Andrew Frank, Editor, Chamber Music Magazine,


Chamber Music is an information center for performers, artist managers, concert presenters, educators, composers, instrument makers, and numerous other music-related enterprises. It is the ideal print and Internet medium for informing professionals about what's new and what's best—in concert venues, festivals, training programs, new products, and professional services.

Issue Themes:
1. National Conference Issue
2. Festival Issue: Directory of Festivals, Schools, and Workshops
3. Education Issue: Conservatories and training programs
4. Membership Directory

For more information contact Brenden O'Hanlon, Advertising Manager,

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2 pages

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Electronic Specifications

1. Email a 300 dpi PDF file to Brenden O'Hanlon, Advertising Manager,
2. All fonts must be embedded
3. CMYK color
4. Grey-scale if ad is black & white


Advertising Due Dates

Winter issue (Chamber Music America Conference issue): Ad space reservation deadline: 11/5.
Material deadline: 11/22.

Spring issue (festivals and training issue): Ad space reservation deadline: 3/1.
Material deadline: 3/7.

Summer issue (education issue): Ad space reservation deadline: 6/7.
Material deadline: 6/14.

Fall issue (Chamber Music America Directory): Ad space reservation deadline: 8/23.
Material deadline: 8/30.

Mechanical Requirements

Type Space


Full-page non bleed


Full-page bleed


1/2 page horizontal


1/2 page vertical


1/3 page vertical


1/3 page square


1/4 page vertical



7 3/4" x 10 3/8”


8.5” x 11.125”


7.25” x 4.75”


3.625” x 9.625”


2.375” x 9.625”


4.75” x 4.75”


3.625” x 4.75”

1. Trim size: 8 1/4" x 10 7/8”

2. Allow additional 1/8” on all sides for bleed ads

3. Two columns: 4 1/4"; column depth 8 3/4”

4. Printing and binding: web offset; saddle stitched

5. Acceptable material: PDFs, Photoshop TIFFs

6. Fractional ads must be bordered on all sides and non-bleed